The 4 Best Cocktails You Can Create Using Schnapps


Schnapps is one of the most popular drinks in the world, especially because of its versatile use and delicious taste. Indeed, schnapps originated in Germany while it has gained popularity around Australia for its delicious taste and versatility as well as the wide range of flavours that are available. As a consequence, if you are looking to create any type of cocktail, then you must carry on reading this article because you will be able to learn about the best cocktails you can create using a wide range of flavoured schnapps. If you are looking for a refreshing and classic cocktail, then you could try a Peach Bellini while an Appletini can give you a vibrant and fruity cocktail. In addition, a Chocolate Martini can give you indulgence and elegance while a Fuzzy Navel is one of the most well-known cocktail using schnapps.

  1. Peach Bellini

One of the most refreshing and classic cocktails that can be created using Schnapps, is the Peach Bellini. Indeed, this particular cocktail combines the sweetness of peach schnapps with the bubbly taste of Prosecco. As a consequence, if you are looking for a wide range of Liqueurs, then you must think about contacting a reputable supplier in Australia.

  1. Appletini

Another popular cocktail that can be made with schnapps is the Appletini. Indeed, if you enjoy the tart and crisp flavour of green apples, then an Appletini is the perfect cocktail. Furthermore, to make this particular type of drink, you must combine equal parts of apple schnapps and vodka in a shaker with ice, then shake and strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass for a vibrant and fruity cocktail that will impress your guests.

  1. Chocolate Martini

The third great cocktail that you can create using schnapps is the Chocolate Martini. This particular cocktail is a decadent treat that is made with chocolate schnapps, vodka and a splash of cream. Likewise, this cocktail can be created by adding the ingredients to a shaker filled with ice while you could ring the glass with chocolate syrup and sprinkle cocoa powder on the top for a touch of indulgence and elegance.

  1. Fuzzy Navel

Finally, the Fuzzy Navel is one of the most classic cocktails that can combine the sweetness of peach schnapps with the tartness of orange juice. To make this drink, fill a highball glass with ice and pour equal parts schnapps and orange juice and stir gently while garnishing with an orange slice to create a simple and refreshing cocktail that is ideal for summer gatherings or casual get-togethers.

  • Try a Peach Bellini for a refreshing and classic cocktail
  • Create an Appletini from apple schnapps and vodka
  • Try a Chocolate Martini if you want indulgence and elegance
  • Combine the sweetness of peach and the tartness of orange juice in a Fuzzy Navel

Therefore, to summarise the Peach Bellini, Appletini, Chocolate Martini or Fuzzy Navel can all be created using schnapps, providing you with a fantastic way to create a number of different cocktails.

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