Top French Dishes by Ido Fishman


When it comes to having one of the top quality foods in Europe, France is the country to go to. Even though the names of the French dishes are very complex, still they are very tasty and highly demanded. Ido Fishman, one of the most prominent chefs excelling in the French Cuisines is known for travelling all over France to find some of the best dishes in the country. Ido Fishman has spent a lot of time improving his skills after learning about them one French Cuisine Course after another. From his experience, Ido Fishman has listed some of the most prominent dishes in France that are in really high demand:


It is known to be a comfort dish that has meat and beans, which are stewed slowly together. In France, people typically use duck or pork in place of meat. However, people have the option of getting Cassoulet readied in mutton, goose, sausages, and other types of meat in it. The origination of the dish is from Southern France. People living in areas such as Castelnaudary, Carcassonne, and Toulouse love having this dish. The name of the dish originates from a particular pot “Cassole”, which is available in almost every household in France.

Chocolate Souffle

The term Souffle means “to blow” in the French grammar. As suggested by the name, soufflé is an airy and light dessert served in France. Souffle is from the 18th century, making it one of the oldest desserts in France. No matter the French restaurant you visit, the Chocolate Souffle would be there in the menu. The dessert is so popular that it is stapled in menus all over the world.

The chocolatey crust of the Souffle is crispy and its surface makes it perfect for the creamy chocolate come out of it as you start pushing the spoon in it.


It is one of the highly recommended dishes by Ido Fishman. The meaning of Flamiche is cake and it has originated from the Northern side of France. This dish is very famous among the people living alongside the border of France and Belgium. The Flamiche has a puff-pastry crust, which is filled with vegetables and cheese. The dish can easily be mistaken with a quiche, which resembles it a lot.

The traditional fillings used in Flamiche are cream and leeks, and it also comes with different kinds of variants in terms of fillings. The French also love having pizza that is inspired with the Flamiche.


This salad is not a delicacy in France but a typical dish that the people in France love to eat. The people living in the Provence region love having the SaladeNicoise. Although it is a dish, people in France eat it like eating it as a dish and not as a salad. The Nicoise Salad is rich in anchovies, nicoisecailletier olives, green beans, tuna, boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce.


On Ido Fishman Food Blog, you would see that Ratatouille is highly praised by the expert. This dish even had an animated series named after Ratatouille, which is based on a rat that loves to cook food. The reason why this particular name was chosen for the animated movie was because of its popularity in France. At present, it is one of the most iconic dishes in entire France.

The particular dish involves addition of shallow-fried vegetables and then casserole dish is used to layer it. After that, the dish is put inside the oven for baking the vegetables. It is currently one of the highly debated dishes in the country by the chefs. The chefs cannot seem to agree whether the vegetables need to be cooked before they are baked or if it is done the other day. This is something that has been debated for centuries over the dish, but still, the people in France love eating it no matter the method.

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