How to Make Money from a Home Brewery


Many people love to make beer at home and lots of them have built their own home brewery cave for that exact purpose. While the majority of them just like to experiment and make their own beer, some people want to go that step further. If you want to change your hobby into an income earner, here are some things to try.

Equipment and Other Essentials for Home Brewing

This may be obvious, but some people tend to overlook the basics. If you plan on brewing from home and you want to be successful, you will need a range of different equipment and a safe place to practice. If you have invested in home brew kits with a co2 gas bottle, make sure you have all the other component to make things work.

If you are not that knowledgeable about the process, go to see another brewery in operation or do plenty of reading online. Not knowing enough means you could run into all kinds of difficulties. The more beer you can produce, the more money you can make from the setup.

You must also consider the location, if you are using electric equipment, you can brew from almost anywhere. Doing it from your kitchen is not ideal, so find a good location and set up your equipment in that area. A garden shed or garage which is well ventilated is a good place to start.


Establish a game plan and try to execute it. Do not jump straight into the process of brewing, you will need a business plan to provide guidance. Follow the blueprint and work towards your goals. The plan should include your objectives, resources, and a timeline.

Making Money

Once you have setup the entire brewery and things are ready to go, you will need to focus on marketing. You can start by advertising on-site brewing classes and demos. This allows clients to see what you do behind closed doors. Lots of beer fans love to learn more about the process. Aside from classes, focus on other avenues, such as:

  • Affiliate Programmes
  • Blog Site
  • Online Tutorials

Turning your hobby into a real business is not as difficult as it seems. Once you dedicate yourself to the project, you can go a long way with your brewing enterprise. There are various ways to make money from home brewing, you just have to be creative and stick to your goals and objectives.

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