Three Factors that Make the Best Olive Oil


Olive oils are used in many products but it is especially famous for its culinary use. While any olive oil can provide the benefits that consumers are looking to enjoy, people will want to get the best olive oil. The best versions of olive oils are produced by artisans. Giannetti Artisans Inc. is famous for its supply of artisan-made olive oil. But, there are factors that make the best olive oil. These include:

Extracted from the Fruits of Low-Growing Olive Trees

Olive trees need plenty of space to grow. They need to grow love to produce the best olive oil. This means that they need lots of room and sun to allow their fruit to mature correctly. The trees are fertilized with animal manure and provided with water sparingly, in some cases with a drip system so that water is delivered directly to the root. This procedure allows for more quality trees to be planted per acre. 

Hand-Picked Olives

To produce the best and artisanal olive oil, the olives must be harvested by hand. Creating the best oil from olives requires the use of fully ripe, undamaged olives. This is because unripe or over-ripe olives can minimize the oil’s fruitiness and make it bitter. For thousands of years, harvesters have been harvesting olives by knocking the tree branches with long sticks and using nets to catch the ripe fruits. However, to produce the best olive oil, every olive should be picked by hand since mechanical methods can bruise the fruit and hurt the trees. Often, overripe or bruised olives are only used for producing bulk olive oil. Once harvested, the olives must be processed within 72 hours from the time they were hand-picked.

Intricate Production Process

Olive mills make use of contemporary processes that involve the using of pristine centrifuges for separating the oil. They place the mash into a small centrifuge in a container that has small holes. The ground olives will yield and oil and a fruit water mixture which is placed in an extra centrifuge to separate the oil from the fruit water. This ensures the extraction of pure olive oil.

The slightly cloudy oil is usually clarified by gravity at a series of big settling tanks. It will be placed in containers where the temperature is controlled and maintained. Some products pass the oil through a filter rather than the gravity process to produce sparkling bright oil.

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