Pancake Mix Is Not Just About Pancakes


Have you ever tried using pancake mix to create something else? Pancake mixes are not limited – there is a variety of recipes that pancake mix can be used. Pancake mix can be useful in various ways, which will be discussed in this article. You’ll come to love that pancake mix even more.


Dumpling is generally made from dough along with some other ingredients like cheese, meat, veggies, etc. But you can always find a way around getting one done using pancake mix – instead of a general-purpose baking mix – and still get a delicious dumpling done. You can use pancake mix to make the dough while other ingredients – from broth to veggies and meat – remain the same.


If you’ve got a pancake mix in your pantry, you need not worry about preparing the baking mix to get the batter for your clafoutis. You can easily prepare the batter using pancake mix and then lay it (that is, batter) over some juicy blackberries – and your clafoutis is all made. You can rest assured that nothing will be amiss in preparing the dessert this way; it will remain as sumptuous as ever.

Fruit Fritters

Having some fruity fritters is never a bad idea, and you can get this ready in no time with a pack of pancake mix at your disposal. You should first make the batter, adding some flavors and that. Be mindful not to make the batter a runny one; it should be thick. You can get any fruit of choice – maybe some bananas, apples, berries, or you name it – cut into sizeable portions and then dip into the batter. You must preheat your non-stick frying pan along with vegetable oil. The dipped fruit should be fried in the pan and sprinkled with sugar once ready.


Some well-made crispy scones and a coffee cup won’t be a bad idea for the morning, and having your pancake mix ready brings everything home. Just get your batter mixed, add some cheese, banana – or any other fruit – and bacon, ensuring a good stir. Then, you can go ahead to cook your scones.

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls can also be made with pancake mix, although this will not always give the same texture as you would have gotten if you used a yeast-laden baking mix. However, the result will not be so different in terms of taste as the dough made from the pancake mix will not douse that cinnamon thrill.

Pizza Dough

Want to get your pizza done in quick time? Then bring out your pancake mix to prepare the pizza dough. This will not make much difference from what you will get using full-purpose baking powder – provided all other condiments/ingredients are duly added.


Pancake mix can also serve a tremendous purpose in making muffins where no muffin mix is available. The batter can be made ready without any special observances, and you can get to add other things you would typically do – when using the regular baking mix.

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