What makes a good snack?



There havebeenarguments and debates about the health effects of snack and snacking on individuals. Many dietitians would argue that so many snacks are unhealthy for the body, but it is important to suggest that taking into cognizance the health concernsof people, most snack companies chooseto adapt the healthy way of making snacks.

There are a lot of snacks out there that are healthy for consumption and there are some that shouldn’t be taken excessively, doesn’t the saying go that too much of everything is bad.It is against this backdrop that snack lovers would argue that it’s not the snack in its own that is unhealthy but the excessive eating or having of them that could be unhealthy.

Be that as it may in subsequent parts of this article will review a couple of healthy snacks that you and yours canhave between meals, but before we venture into this line of discourse,we would take a quick detour into the concept of snacks.

What is a snack?

General snacks are small portions of meals that are had between,before or after main courses oflarger portions of meals. They come in variety of forms; some are processed well and some could be unmade.

Traditionally snacks used to be prepared from ingredients that could be found at home but over thetime they have been refined, processed and fine tunedto become a whole competitive industry.Snacks mostly now come with different flavors and different packages.They can now be found in convenience stores grocery stores,bulk office snacks, vending machines etc.

Healthy snacks you should have

Below are a few healthy snacks that you can have whenever you get the craving or the urge snack and you are very big about snacking healthy.

Low sugar snack bars; there are many snack bars out there that are concentrated or put correctly that have high quantity of sugar in them while others have rather minimal sugar and low or saturated fat in them. Those with way less amount sugar and fat should be your major targets, however you might want to check the pack and with the instructions before delving into any kinds of snacks.

Light microwave popcorn; when you have the urge to eat something crunchy, light microwave popcorns can be a quick and healthy option for you. There are some in the market with very low saturated fat and do not have so much calories, hence when you are out in the market to hunt for popcorn you might want to look out for the sugar, fat and calorie levels.

Nut mixes; majority of the fat (gram)in mixed nut products are actually beneficial to the body because they are from monounsaturated fat which have about eight to nine grams of fat and also from polyunsaturated fat which about three to five grams of fat, nut mixes are also very rich in protein amongst other healthy components. If you ever feel the need to snack delivery, these can be your go to guys.

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